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18 Wheeler Strikes Concrete Median Into Roadway, Causes SUV to Fall From Bridge

According to, an 18 wheeler truck struck a median on I-35W in Fort Worth this afternoon during rush hour traffic. A black SUV then struck the concrete median and fell from the bridge into a dirt area below. There is no word on the condition of the driver of that vehicle as of yet. It is not clear what caused the driver of 18-wheeler to strike the median.

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This appears to be yet another case of 18-wheeler negligence that is becoming so common across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It seems like everyday we hear about 18-wheelers putting other drivers at risk. However, lets reserve judgment until we know more. Was the median partially in the roadway before the truck struck the median? Did the driver have a health issue while driving? Those are all common causes of 18-wheeler accidents. Nonetheless, it would appear on its face that this is simply a case where the driver of the 18-wheeler was negligent, and this innocent person’s life has been put at risk. As a personal injury attorney, this type of accident makes me angry for the person in that SUV. All too often I have seen the horrors of these types of accidents. It is what drives me when fighting with the insurance company to get my clients the money they deserve. We pray for all involved, their family and friends, and we hope for a speedy recovery.

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