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Accident on 175 Just Before Rush Hour Leaves One Dead, Several Injured

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – At least one person was killed early Friday in a car crash involving three vehicles. It happened just before the morning rush hour along the northbound side of Highway 75 near the Midpark Road exit in Dallas.

Details of the crash remain under investigation, but it included a pickup truck and two cars. One of those cars was completely upside down on the highway when emergency workers arrived at the scene. According to a witness, the driver of that flipped vehicle was ejected during the crash.

The other car came to a rest near the upside down vehicle, turned around in the opposite direction in the leftmost lanes, while the pickup truck also ended up turned around, but in the righthand lanes.

All of the victims have all been removed from the wreckage, but none have been identified and their conditions are not known. Authorities have not even confirmed how many individuals were injured during this incident, other than to say that the crash was fatal.

Investigators were on the scene collecting evidence until around 11:00 a.m. and during that time has the northbound side of the highway closed. Traffic was diverted onto the frontage road. Check the traffic map for current highway conditions and the latest updates.

Meanwhile, two other vehicles were involved in a second, separate crash at that same location, but on the southbound side of the highway. The driver of a Jeep smashed into the rear end of an SUV as they both approached the initial crash scene. Those two drivers were both uninjured and the scene was cleared quickly.

However, the onlooker crash did result in some guardrail damage to the left hand HOV lane of the highway.

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