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5 Killed, Including 3 Children Killed in 5 Vehicle Accident in Mt. Pleasant


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(MT. PLEASANT, TX) via -The driver of a 2018 International Truck-Tractor Semi-Trailer (TT-ST) and one of five vehicles involved in yesterday’s crash, on IH-30 at mile marker 162 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, has been identified as Wanda Gebhart.

Wanda Gebhart, a 64 year old female from Pikeville, Tennessee was pronounced dead on scene.

The 2011 Toyota Sienna, occupied by a family of five, was the first vehicle to be struck in the crash. The driver of the Toyota, Jeffery Brokish, a 42 year old male from Savoy, IL, was transport by air ambulance to a trauma center in Tyler. Jessica Brokish, 41 year old female, and two sons, ages nine and six and a two year old daughter were pronounced dead on scene.

The third vehicle struck, a 2016 Freightliner TT-ST driven by Carlos Vela Martinez, a 42 year old male and passenger, Juan Martinez, a 20 year old male, both from San Jose Santillio, Mexico, were transported with minor injuries to Titus Regional Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant, TX.

The fourth vehicle struck, a 2007 Volvo TT-ST driven by Ravshan Sayfetdin Ibragim, a 43 year old male from Dayton, OH was also transported with minor injuries to Titus Regional.

The fifth vehicle struck, a 2015 Volvo TT-ST driven by Abdul Rahman Al-Shaibani, a 53 year old male from Stanwood, WA was transported with minor injuries to Titus Regional.

This is an ongoing investigation. No additional information available at this time.

Both lanes of I-30 have reopened after emergency crews were on the scene of a deadly crash in northeast Texas.  Officials tell KTBS 3 News that four 18-wheelers and passenger vehicle crashed Friday morning on I-30 near Mt. Pleasant.

Troopers say the crash started when a U-Haul truck and trailer lost control and rolled over. No one was injured in that crash.

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Five lives were lost as a result of a series of crashes that could have been avoided but for the negligence of atleast one party. Chances are, and this is common in accidents like this, numerous parties were negligent at the same time. As a result, a mother and her children have been killed, their father is in hospital and there is no explaining the devastation that he feels at this time. During my time at Guest and Gray, P.C., I have sat across the table from fathers and mothers mourning the loss of their loved ones and wondering what to do next and how to deal with funerals, medical bills, and everything else on top of just being able to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

For the family left behind dealing with all of this, it is almost like they are not allowed to mourn like normal because they are dealing with the added stress related to the accident. That is a stress that no person should be made to deal with on their own. My goal in those types of situations is to take all the stress related to the wrongful deaths of their family member(s) and allow them to process and deal with the emotional side of this. It is a horrific situation and it is only compounded when medical providers begin to send big fat bills requesting payments for treatments that were ultimately unsuccessful.

In situations like this, the team at Guest and Gray, P.C. begins working day one to help reduce the stress for the family members by sending out letters to the trucking companies, insurance companies, speaking to witnesses and gathering necessary information related to the accident. If the at-fault parties are not clear, then we send out an accident reconstruction specialist to the scene to rebuild the accident scene to help us make our own determinations and how to move forward against the parties who caused the devastating accident through their negligence. As mentioned above, in these types of accidents, many people may have been negligent all at once. Through our investigations, we can successfully determine who is at fault and make them pay for the injuries and wrongful death of your loved one.

How does that help the family who just lost a loved one?

We take the stress of dealing with the investigation and enforcement of your rights and the rights of the loved ones you lost against the at-fault parties. We deal with medical providers. In a multi-vehicle accident, numerous insurance companies, insurance adjusters, etc.. will be involved. When a loved one is taken to the hospital needing life-saving treatment, you will not just get one bill from the hospital, you’re going to get bills from 5, 10, 15 providers and they will be expensive and they will be wanting their money. Our team will work through all the red tape, file any necessary claims, and if necessary, file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties if they are not playing fair. We will hold them accountable for what they did.

This means that the family members that have been left behind can spend their days processing their loss without the worry of hospitals and third party bill collectors and insurance adjusters calling them every day. We take that stress. In the end, there should be a monetary award that compensates the family in the only way that the law provides in these situations. I know what you are thinking: how do you put a number on the life of a family member? You can’t. I get that. I am human, too. However, this is the only type of recovery that the law allows me to get for you and your family. So, I do it to the best of my abilities.


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