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Benjamin Welch, Linda Welch and Alice Little Killed in 18-Wheeler Wreck on I-20 in Terrell


Courtesy: Helm

According to, the three people killed in the Tuesday afternoon crash on I-20 in Terrell involving two 18-wheelers and an SUV have been identified as Benjamin Welch, Linda Welch and Alice Little of Cameron Parrish, LA.

According to the report, the cause of the accident has yet to be determined but one of the 18-wheelers and the SUV became engulfed in flames after the accident occurred.

It seems like stories like this involving 18-wheelers happen all too often on our interstate highways, especially highway 20 and highway 80. A hard look needs to be made as to the cause of the accident to determine who is liable and whether any negligence on the part of the 18-wheeler drivers led to the deaths of the Mr. and Mrs. Welch and Ms. Little.

As a personal injury lawyer, I know what I would be looking into as part of my investigation. I would not simply wait for a crash report from the Terrell Police Department or Kaufman County Sheriff’s office. I would be talking to every known witness and searching for unknown witnesses. I would be out there on the highway taking pictures of the crash site. I would take pictures of the vehicles involved. I would send notice to the trucking companies and their insurers putting them on notice not to do anything with the vehicles, the driving logs or the “black box” located in the truck.


And that is just in the first 24 hours.

The first few days are incredibly important to secure evidence from disappearing. We need to know who and what caused this accident so that the families of these individuals can rest easier and seek justice if necessary.

Our prayers are with the families of the deceased.