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Collision with 18-Wheeler on I-20 Leaves Driver Injured

Via, a driver was injured early Friday morning when the driver’s vehicle struck the back of the 18 wheeler, causing significant damages to the driver’s vehicle. The accident happened around 3:22 am near the Kaufman-Van Zandt county line on I-20. It is not clear as to who or what caused the accident.

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From the pictures posted by Mathew Richards on, the damages to the vehicle look extreme and more information is needed to know just why this accident happened, and why the damage appears so severe. We have no information as to whether the truck was stopping or had stopped on the road, or whether the injured driver was entirely at fault and just drove into the back of the truck. It is hard to believe that a person would simply drive into the back of an 18-wheeler (especially with the requisite speed to cause the extensive damages), but hey, trust us when we say that crazier things have happened.

However, it is important is to figure out what happened and why it happened, because these are matters of public safety. The accident happened late at night in a rural area. To be quite honest, the accident could have been much worse. A majority of all fatality accidents actually happen on rural stretches of highways and roadways, not on big city freeways.

Two things are certain to result from this accident: Insurance claims will be made, and the finding that somebody was negligent or “at-fault”. Whether or not the injured driver was at-fault for the accident will be key, because the driver struck the back of the 18-wheeler. However, as information becomes available, such as the 18-wheeler’s “black box”, or some other factor such as wet-roads, or a deer in the road, the presumption of liability may shift.

It is also possible that there are lasting injuries and high medical bills for the injured driver. This will become more important if liability is contested, which will lead to lengthy litigation and the high costs associated with pursuing recovery through the courts.

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