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Couple Severely Beaten, Woman run over Outside a Dallas Bar

via A 24-year-old man would later tell police he and his 31-year-old female companion had just left a nearby bar. They were walking to their car when they were jumped by six men. Initially, they only attacked the woman. However, when the man tried to help her, he was knocked unconscious.

“When the male individual regained consciousness, he then saw the suspects in a dark colored SUV, perhaps a Chevy Tahoe or suburban, run over our female victim,” said Sgt. Warren Mitchell with the Dallas Police Department.

Police say the woman was taken to Methodist Hospital in critical condition. The man was also hospitalized with facial injuries.

There is a police surveillance camera at the intersection, and police say they are checking security video. Without indication that anything was stolen or any words that were exchanged before the attack, police have nothing that would indicate a motive.

Sgt. Mitchell says until police have a chance to talk to the woman, they don’t know what could have triggered the brutal attack.

“Why someone would commit such an act?” said Mitchell. “You know, six individuals jump on one woman. That’s kind of unusual.”

There is a bar steps away from where the attack occurred that neighbors say has a “tough” reputation, but police have not confirmed which bar the couple came out of before they were attacked.

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Premises liability exists to protect those are lawfully on a premises and are injured as some result of negligence by the owner of the property. Here, a dangerous condition existed. These six men who came and brutally attacked this couple. If they were no longer on the premises of bar, that is one thing. However, if they were in the bars parking lot when the attack happened, then a substantial question will arise as to whether or not the bar owed them a duty to the injured couple against the dangerous condition (the six attackers). This bar is apparently known to have a “tough” reputation, and perhaps that is true. If this is true, then the bar is likely to have known that “tough” individuals frequent their bar and present a danger to their patrons.

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