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FC Dallas Player Struck By Car, Suffers Three Fractured Vertebrae



Ryan Hollingshead, FC Dallas midfielder, suffered three cervical vertebrae fractures and will remain in a neck cast for 6-8 weeks after being struck by a vehicle this past Friday, according to According to the story, there is no risk of spinal injury and function.

The accident happened during icy conditions on Friday. Hollingshead had stopped to assist another vehicle that had been in an accident. According to Fox 4 News, Hollingshead told teammate, Tesha Akindele he was struck “30 feet into the air” and thought to himself, “I’m dead. I’m dead or I’m paralyzed.” Luckily for Akindele, that was not the case and he should be able to make a full recovery. However, FC Dallas opens Championship League play in February and Hollingshead will not be able to play, and he is likely to miss as much as a month of the regular season.

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Hollingshead is just about as lucky as they come. Quite often accidents like that result in much more serious injuries. It is important to note that the accidents occurred as a result of the icy roads created by the snowy conditions we had in Dallas-Fort Worth last Friday. Part of the reason why icy conditions are especially dangerous in Dallas-Fort Worth it that we do not have adequate resources in the area to de-ice highways and make them safe like other areas of the country (and even other parts of Texas do- here’s looking at you Amarillo/Lubbock).

On top of that, we have about 7 million people in the metroplex who are not accustomed to driving in icy and snowy weather. That is the real hazard. People may understand that they need to slow down, or that making quick lane changes is unsafe. The problem is that many people have a false sense of security in their vehicles, especially trucks, and they mistakenly believe that they can handle the curves, or push through without slowing down on the highway.

When people are injured as a result of this sort of reckless driving, the driver who is at fault often will say that the accident was “weather related”. Well, that may true in a remote sense of the word. The truth, as it almost always turns out, is that the driver drove negligently under the circumstances, and because they did someone was injured or killed.

We cannot speculate as to the reason why Hollingshead was injured in this accident. It could have been truly weather related, it may not. Only time will tell. It would be in Hollingshead’s best interest to consult an attorney about his options for recovery against the driver that struck him.

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