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Why Get a Personal Injury Attorney? I’ll Tell You Why…

Here at Guest and Gray, we have had hundreds of consults with people coming in with personal injuries as a result of a car accident, getting injured on other people’s property, or any other number of ways, and seemingly the first thing they want to know is: what can you do for me that I cannot do for myself?

What aides in this confusion is that insurance companies are pushing these lowball settlements on injured victims before they can speak to an attorney about their rights and the benefits of representation by an attorney. This gives people a false sense of security that the insurance company is working in their best interest and they are getting a fair amount for their injuries.

That is probably not the case.

The insurance company is trying to give you the least amount of money that they possibly can without raising any red flags with you or state authorities. Right or wrong, that is what they do as a business.

So, how can we help you get more for your injuries?

We Know the Steps it Takes to Fight for YOU!

Bringing a case against the person who injured you has standards and steps that can be very difficult to adhere to on your own. Here at Guest and Gray, our chief of civil litigation is a Texas Personal Injury Super Lawyer who knows the standards he needs to prove and the steps he needs to take to get the most for your injuries.

 Dealing and Negotiating with the Opposing Party

Dealing with opposing parties and their insurance company is a difficult process that involves different areas of the law, and an understanding of the responsibilities that those laws bring. So when entering into negotiations, having phone conferences and in person depositions, serving process, entering motions with the court and even effectuating a fair settlement for you in a complicated process and having someone who is trained, who has been to court and tried these types of cases on a regular basis, is nothing but a benefit for you.

Don’t Wait, Come See Us Today!

The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to try your case. Evidence disappears, memories fade, and worst of all, the statute of limitations is bearing down on you. In order for us to properly represent you, we need you to take action now and give us a call so we can put the wheels in motion for your case. Let Texas SuperLawyer, Scott Gray, and his experienced staff at Guest and Gray Law Firm go to work for you! Contingency Representation is available!