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Gholamreza Sabzghabaei killed in Crash on Lake Lewisville Bridge

LEWISVILLE — A 64-year-old man died Tuesday night when he fell off the Lake Lewisville Bridge after a driver ran into the man’s disabled vehicle.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, at 8:40 p.m. troopers were called to the Lake Lewisville Bridge on Interstate 35E. They determined Gholamreza Sabzghabaei’s black Nissan was disabled on the bridge and partially in the right lane. Sabzghabaei was on the phone with 911 operators, trying to get them to the scene.

A white van traveling north on I35E struck the black Nissan while Sabzghabaei was still outside the vehicle. The impact threw him over the railing and into the water below.

Good Samaritans jumped in the water to get Sabzghabaei to the shore, where they performed CPR until first responders arrived. However, Sabzghabaei died at the scene.

The crash remains under investigation. It is unclear if the driver of the van, a 22-year-old from Lake Dallas, will face charges in the incident.

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