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Man Killed in Sunday Night Crash on Highway 80 Identified

FORNEY, Texas — Friends and family identified a Kaufman man who was killed in a crash in Forney on Sunday night.

The man, identified by friends and family as 34-year-old Samuel Heath Huddleston, of Kaufman, Texas, was struck by a vehicle on eastbound U.S. Highway 80 following a separate vehicular crash he was involved in on westbound U.S. Highway 80.

Police say that at approximately 10:30 p.m. Sunday night, witnesses saw a man run from a two-vehicle crash on westbound U.S. Highway 80 where he was then struck by a vehicle going eastbound. The two incidents forced the closure of eastbound U.S. Highway 80 and closed part of westbound Highway 80 for multiple hours.

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This is a tragic example of what can happen when you try to cross a highway on foot. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the man who lost his life. But we cannot forget the damage that he caused as well. He was apparently involved in one accident, where he attempted to flee on foot. It is not clear whether or not he caused the accident he was trying to get away from, but clearly he didn’t want to be there to make sure everyone was ‘okay’. Next, he put other people’s lives in danger by running across the road. The poor people that hit him now have to deal with the fact that they took a man’s life, regardless of whether or not it was their fault.

This is just a terrible situation all around. I hope that when more information comes out, we can begin to figure out why he decided to run from the accident and put other people’s lives at risk. Let’s not forget that part. Other people were injured, or placed in a position to be injured because of what he did. When he ran across the highway and into traffic, he caused property damage, physical injuries, and no doubt mental anguish, to the person or people in the vehicle that struck him. They are also victim’s here. Please do not forget about them in your thoughts and prayers. They must be going through a very tough time, as well.

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Personal injury attorneys hear stories like this quite often. Family members injured and killed in accidents that were not their fault. We also see those types of issues where they were injured or killed and it was their fault. The goal in each situation is the same: get the best outcome for your clients. Plaintiffs want money damages. Defendants want their liability to be squashed or mitigated, depending on the circumstances. But lets not forget the humanity of it all. These are real accidents that have affected real people.

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