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One Person Killed, One Hospitalized After Chain-Reaction Crash in Far East Dallas

(via One person died and a second person was hospitalized after a car hydroplaned about midnight Friday in Dallas, which led to two other crashes, police said.

A driver of an SUV was driving southbound on Ferguson Road when the SUV hydroplaned onto the median and collided with a light pole near the cross streets of Barnes Bridge Road and Delford Circle.

The pole landed into the passenger side and the vehicle came to rest in the northbound lanes.

An oncoming sedan driving fast in the northbound lanes hit the SUV and deflected into the driveway of a nearby home where it struck a third vehicle.

When the sedan hit the SUV, it slammed into the light pole that was already stuck in the SUV.

The passenger in the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the sedan was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

For more information or live updates, follow the story by clicking Here.

Commentary: The first car that hydroplaned is likely liable for the injuries that were sustained by many of the parties. However, one of the questions that will likely come up is “were the other parties also likely negligent?” That is something that the insurance companies and/or the attorney’s for the injured victims or the family of the deceased to battle about. The first vehicle is likely liable because they caused the other two vehicles to crash. The second vehicle may have been driving too fast for the conditions, and the report says the third vehicle, the sedan, was driving “fast” in the northbound lane. Although the driver of the sedan may be negligent, the deceased passenger or their family may have a claim against all of the other vehicles involved, including the vehicle in which the deceased passenger was riding. The only concern might be whether or not the deceased passenger was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. In Texas, evidence of seat belt use is admissible at trial as of a recent Texas Supreme Court case and that may work to reduce liability on the part of the other at-fault parties.

For more information, the injured parties should speak to an attorney regarding their claims and potential causes of action against the at-fault parties.


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