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Tanker Spills Animal Fat on I-35 Ramp, Causes 6 Crashes in Fort Worth Overnight

Texans are used to slick roads for one reason or another. Rain, sleet. snow. fresh tar, animal fat…. Wait. What now?

Animal fat? Yes, this time it is animal fat. According to, police said a truck leaked the fat onto the ramp from Northwest 28th Street to I-35W at about 10 p.m.

The truck left the scene, but police said the fat that spilled onto the road caused about six subsequent crashes. All the crashes were minor.

We can all hope that highway cameras captured an image of the truck because the people who were injured should be compensated for their injuries, and the vehicles that were damaged should be repaired at the expense of the tanker truck’s insurance. In truth, the truck may not have stopped because they had no idea that they were spilling animal fat all over the highway. However, that does not mean they weren’t negligent. Something happened. The tanker was not sealed properly, or it came loose for some reason or another, or there was a leak in the tank that went unnoticed.

I bet they noticed when they got to their destination…

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