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Tom Boone III and Rebecca Boone of Wyoming Killed in Crash on US 87 in Hartley County

Around 2:34 p.m., DPS officials say 60-year-old Tom Boone III of Wyoming was driving a motorcycle towing a motorcycle trailer on US 87 in Hartley County.

Authorities say a driver turned in front of Boone’s motorcycle, causing him and the motorcycle’s passenger to crash into the vehicle.

Boone was pronounced dead on the scene. The passenger was identified by authorities as 60-year-old Rebecca Boone, who was taken to an Amarillo hospital where she later died.

Both Tom and Rebecca Boone were wearing helmets.

Authorities say no charges have been filed and an investigation is ongoing.

This is a developing story. For more information, follow’s coverage here.

Commentary: It appears from the facts of the accident that Mr. and Mrs. Boone were wrongfully and negligently killed by another driver who pulled in front of them. The saying is old these days, but it goes like this “look twice for motorcycles”. This is why. Motorcycles are typically harder to see as they are smaller vehicles, however in this case, the Boone’s were also towing a small motorcycle trailer behind their bike. This should have made them that much easier to see on the roadway, but it seems that the driver of the vehicle did not see them or was not paying attention.

The family of the Boone’s have causes of action against the driver here in the State of Texas for wrongful death and possibly survivorship claims. The driver of the vehicle was most likely negligent and possibly grossly negligent in his actions which resulted in the death of the Boones. The situation is horrific overall, for all involved. Two people have lost their lives and one person has to live with the fact that they caused the death of two people. However, accidents like this are avoidable and happen all too often on Texas roads. Any good personal injury attorney will tell you that no accident is truly an “accident”. Someone took a course of action that brought about the result.

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