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Two Confirmed Killed in Afternoon Crash on Highway 380 in Collin County

McKinney – According to the Collin County Sheriff’s Department,  two people have died from injuries sustained in a three-vehicle crash on SH 380 Monday afternoon in McKinney. The wreck involved a small tanker truck, an SUV and a pickup, happened near CR 330. DPS investigators are on the scene. Vehicles and debris littered the road and one deceased victim was still on scene late in the afternoon. Significant debris will cause lengthy delays in the area. The road will be closed indefinitely.

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The small tanker truck was resting on its side and appeared to have heavy front end damage as well. Hoses and equipment from that truck were scattered nearby. A grey SUV which appeared to have rolled over several times had most of its windows shattered. A white pick-up truck also was heavily damaged from what appeared to be a very violent impact. The top of the pick-up truck appeared to have been removed either by the accident or by first responders attempting rescue. There is no official word yet which vehicles the deceased were riding in.

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The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has been plagued over the last few days with violent and deadly crashes. This weekend, a teenager from Hurst was killed in a weather related accident. Two Everman teens were killed in a roll-over crash overnight. Now today, we have a violent accident between two large SUV’s and a tanker truck. Two people have been confirmed dead as a result of this accident, and those who survived are likely to have severe injuries. The level of destruction to the vehicles and the extensive debris on the roadway make it clear that this accident was caused either driver error or a defective vehicle. Either way, someone is at fault for the accident, because lets be honest, there are no “accidents” when you are in a car. People are negligent and that causes other people to get hurt. It is not clear who is at fault in this accident.

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For more information, follow the link below to CBS DFW’s story.

2 Dead In Crash On SH 380 In McKinney

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