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Two Injured After Semi-Truck Runs Red Light, Strikes DART Train

(via Two people were injured after a semi-truck driver ran a red light and hit a DART train near the West End Station on Pacific Avenue in downtown Dallas Thursday morning, DART officials said.

A passenger and train operator were injured in the crash, which happened about 6:30 a.m., but the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, DART officials said. The driver tried to flee the scene.

The accident has been cleared and trains are resuming services through downtown Dallas.

All rail lines are expecting delays.


The driver was almost definitely negligent and possibly grossly negligent in running the red light. Negligence requires someone to deviate from a standard of care directly causing damages to another person or property. Here, the driver ran a red light. He had a duty to stop and did not. The transportation code makes it clear that a person must adhere to all traffic lights and stop on red. Failing to do so is a breach of the transportation code. This is known as negligence per se. The driver may also have been grossly negligent if he had a conscious awareness of the degree of risk to others while running the red light, which a reasonable person would understand that running a red light poses a real threat to others on the road and presents a risk of being struck by another vehicle or striking another vehicle. Here, the story says that the driver not only ran the red light but also struck the DART train and injured two people. Therefore, the two injured victims, as well as DART, will likely have viable claims against the driver and the company he works for as a result of the injuries and property damages they sustained.


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