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Two Killed in Accident on Loop 12 at W. Kiest Boulevard in Oak Cliff

(via Dallas- Dallas police are investigating a multi-vehicle crash that killed two people Wednesday night in southwest Oak Cliff.

The crash occurred at about 6 p.m. on Loop 12 at the intersection of West Kiest Boulevard.

The collision was between a motorcycle and a sedan. The driver of the motorcycle was identified as 24-year-old Roberto Ceniceros, of Dallas. The sedan was driven by Thell Johnson, 77, of Dallas, according to police. Both men were killed in the crash.

For more information on the crash, follow thisĀ Link.

Commentary: Two men have lost their lives because one of them was negligent. Most often when a driver is negligent, if anyone dies it is usually their victim. Here, we have both parties killed. The report does not tell us who was at-fault but clearly someone was. Whether it was the motorcycle rider or the driver of the sedan, I am sure the police investigators and insurance companies will decide who they believe was at-fault.

The main thing is that there is a loss of life here. Needless at that and whoever was at-fault for the accident needs to pay. How does that work when both parties were killed? The at-fault parties estate will be required to pay. Also, the death of an insured, at-fault driver does not extinguish the insurance coverage. Therefore, the victim or the victim’s estate can seek recovery from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier and the estate of the deceased at-fault party.

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