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Two Killed in Early Morning Crash in Tahoka, Texas: DPS Investigating Causes


Texas DPS has now released the names of two drivers killed in a collision that happened on US 87 south of Tahoka early Tuesday morning.

DPS says a Ford Explorer driven by 35-year-old Ivan Adam Davila of Horizon City El Paso was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes and collided with a Ford pickup that was traveling southbound around 5:30 a.m. The Ford pickup traveling southbound was driven by Terry Dene Gwin, 42, of Tahoka.

DPS says both vehicles ended up in the center median.

Both drivers were killed in the crash.

The crash happened about four miles south of Tahoka. This crash is still under investigation. For more information or updates click Here.


In early morning crashes like this, numerous possibilities exist as to what caused the accident: Fog, wet road, distractions inside and outside the vehicle. However, even if the roads were wet, or there was fog covering the roadway, that does not mean that some one was not the “cause” of the accident. For instance, if there were issued with wet roads, etc.. then the Texas Transportation codes provides that drivers are required to take certain measure to maintain the speed and control of their vehicle. This is a “duty” that is applied to all drivers regardless of driving conditions: you are required to maintain a safe speed and maintain control of your vehicle so as to protect yourself and other drivers on the road. Failure to do so can amount to not only negligence but negligence per se, and even gross negligence in limited circumstances.


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