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Two People Injured by Distracted Driver, Truck Falls over Bridge in Accident on 175 Just Feet From Trinity River

CRANDALL, Texas — Two people were taken to a Dallas-area hospital Wedensday after toppling over the U.S. Highway 175 bridge which spans the East Fork Trinity River in between Crandall and Seagoville.
The crash was reported just before 9:30 a.m. on westbound U.S. Highway 175 when the truck toppled over the bridge and landed on its roof approximately 20 feet from the East Fork Trinity River — entrapping the driver and a passenger.

Crandall Police Department Lieutenant Smith told a female driving an SUV in the left lane of the highway drifted into the right lane where she clipped the truck — forcing it head-on with the bridge guardrail. The truck scraped along the guardrail for approximately 100 yards before its tires caught and forced it over the bridge.

The female driver of the SUV was cited for allegedly texting and driving which caused the crash, according to Smith.

Firefighters from Crandall, Seagoville, and Kaufman responded to the crash to extract and hoist the two individuals back onto the bridge.

The driver and passenger were both transported to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, by CareFlite and Acadian ground ambulances with what were described as serious but non-life threatening injuries.

A heavy-duty wrecker winched the truck back onto the highway where it was towed from the scene. The highway was closed during the recovery of the vehicle and has since been reopened.

Another two-vehicle wreck was reported in the backup of this wreck.

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Texting and driving is one of the most forms of distracted driving. The driver that caused this accident was not only texting and driving but was so negligent she texted while driving on wet roads. Because of her negligence, two people are hurt and nearly lost their lives in the East fork of the Trinity River.
Here at Guest and Gray, we don’t put up with distracted drivers. WE GO AFTER THEM. If you have been a victim of distracted driving, that person needs to pay. We try to make sure to make an example of distracted drivers and we want juries to make an example of them as well. Not only is it plainly negligent, but under the circumstances of the accident above, grossly negligent and nearly cost two innocent people their lives.
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