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Two transported in FM 986 rollover crash –

Kaufman County sees a lot of rollover accidents, one reason is that we are still a largely rural county with many poorly-lit two-lane roads that wind and turn with little warning. It’s important to drive safely, and slowly on local farm-to-market roads.

We see a lot of injures from these accidents, and we can help make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you. Rollover accidents can cause devastating injuries, and almost always require emergency medical treatment. If you are injured in a rollover accident make sure you seek immediate medical attention. If you “feel fine” and refuse treatment, injuries may show up days or weeks later, and the insurance company will try to deny you coverage since you waited to see a doctor.

We have a history of battling insurance companies and getting the best result for our client. Kaufman County’s only SuperLawyer rated personal injury attorney works at Guest and Gray. We have office in Forney and Rockwall and always offer consultations for car and truck accident victims.

ource: Two transported in FM 986 rollover crash –