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1,400 Jurors Called For Hearings as Trial of Terrell Man Accused of Killing Five Draws Near

Via, Texas- Over 1,400 potential jurors were summoned to jury selection hearings for the capital murder trial of a Terrell man.

Charles Brownlow is accused of shooting to death five people, including his 61-year old mother and 55 year old aunt during an overnight killing spree in Terrell, Texas in October 2013.

Trial is set for April 11, 2016 for the murder of Leal-Carillo, a 22-year-old who lost his life on that night in October of 2013.


According to’s Matthew Richards, his defense team hired experts to present evidence of incompetency at recent competency hearings. However, Brownlow was inevitably found to be competent to stand trial after state and court retained their own experts who independently found that Brownlow could turn the symptoms of his illness on and off “at will” and that he seemed to be exaggerating the severity of the symptoms of his illnesses.

He remains jailed in Kaufman County Jail on over $13,000,000 in bonds.

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