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Stowers-300x188Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Stower’s Doctrine. Its got moxy. The Stowers Doctrine is as Texan as they come. From the Stowers Doctrine flows the Stowers Demand, a powerful settlement tool in personal injury practice.

But what is a Stowers Demand, exactly? Where does it come from? What does it do? Well, ask any attorney who deals with insurance companies on a regular basis and they will tell you it is a lifeblood of a personal injury practice. In our practice here in the Forney, Rockwall and Dallas area, once damages have been reasonably calculated, we always send a Stowers Demand to the insurance company. It is quite possibly the single most powerful pre-trial tool a personal injury attorney has to maximize settlement dollars for their client.

What is a Stowers Demand?

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We have learned of a major Accident in Kaufman County about 5 miles east of Terrell. Multiple public safety crews have closed eastbound and westbound I20 near FM 429 due to a multiple vehicle crash, according to TxDOT. All lanes of travel are forced to exit. Folks traveling this way should expect delays in both directions.

The accident involved multiple 18-wheelers, and has resulted in a fuel spill that will need to be cleaned up by crews before the highway may be reopened. No word as to the condition of the people involved in the accident.

This is a developing story. We will update as information comes available.

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personalinjury3-300x201The answer is simple, but to understand importance of the work they do, and the value they bring to their clients, you must understand a little more about the process of handling personal injury claims. It is no cake walk, even for experienced personal injury attorneys.

Notifying Insurance Companies and Establishing Communications Between the Parties

A personal injury attorney will notify the insurance providers of the claim for injuries and that the injured party is represented by counsel. This is true whether it is a motor vehicle accident, boating accident, commercial vehicle accident, or even slip-and-fall. These providers must be provided “notice” of the claims being made by the injured parties that were caused by their insured. In addition to notifying the at-fault parties insurer, the injured party will need to notify their own insurer of the possibility of any claims under their own UM/UIM in the event that the other party has no insurance or carries insufficient coverage to pay for the damages that have been suffered.

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According to’s Mathew Richards, one teenager was killed in the crash and another was transported to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, in unknown condition, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Sgt. Kyle Bradford told

The crash was reported at approximately 4:20 p.m. on County Road 257 just north of Farm-to-Market (FM) 2757 and south of the Heartland community. An approximate five-acre grass fire was sparked as a result of the crash which saw a fire department response from Crandall, Forney, and Kaufman. Bradford says the vehicle was traveling eastbound on County Road 257 when, for yet to be determined reasons, the vehicle left the roadway.

Responding officers closed a portion of the roadway as their investigation continues. Trinity Valley Electric Co-op initially reported a power outage in the area but have since rerouted utilities and restored a majority, if not all, power to area residents – See more here.

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Traffic-i35_jpg-300x199Via Fort Worth Star Telegram- The identity of a little girl who was killed in a four-vehicle crash on I-35 has been identified. 4-year-old Sofia Cardenas, was killed and another female was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning in Burleson as a result of a crash Interstate 35.

According to the Tarrant County medical examiner, Cardenas died after being taken by CareFlite to Cook Children’s hospital in Fort Worth. .

Burleson police and fire responded to the crash around 7:45 a.m. at the 800 block of northbound I-35W, said city spokeswoman DeAnna Phillips.

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Via, a driver was injured early Friday morning when the driver’s vehicle struck the back of the 18 wheeler, causing significant damages to the driver’s vehicle. The accident happened around 3:22 am near the Kaufman-Van Zandt county line on I-20. It is not clear as to who or what caused the accident.

For more information, follow this link to the story on


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Ryan Hollingshead, FC Dallas midfielder, suffered three cervical vertebrae fractures and will remain in a neck cast for 6-8 weeks after being struck by a vehicle this past Friday, according to According to the story, there is no risk of spinal injury and function.

The accident happened during icy conditions on Friday. Hollingshead had stopped to assist another vehicle that had been in an accident. According to Fox 4 News, Hollingshead told teammate, Tesha Akindele he was struck “30 feet into the air” and thought to himself, “I’m dead. I’m dead or I’m paralyzed.” Luckily for Akindele, that was not the case and he should be able to make a full recovery. However, FC Dallas opens Championship League play in February and Hollingshead will not be able to play, and he is likely to miss as much as a month of the regular season.

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Every now and then you may come across a semi-truck or car-hauler parked on the side of the road, or even partially in the road and think to yourself, “that is so dangerous,” or “they should not be allowed to do that.” Well, technically they aren’t supposed to do that. Section 545.301 of the Texas Transportation Code provides that an operator may not stop, park, or leave standing an attended or unattended vehicle on the main traveled part of a highway outside a business or residence district unless:

(1) stopping, parking, or leaving the vehicle off the main traveled part of the highway is not practicable;
(2) a width of highway beside the vehicle is unobstructed and open for the passage of other vehicles; and
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m-cc-ups-and-fedex-300x202This time of year seeing a UPS or Fed Ex truck on the road is a common occurrence.  Driver’s delivering packages this time of year are often under a lot of pressure. In my house, those delivery men and women are called “Santa’s little helpers” because they’re the real heroes of the Christmas package delivery game, not those elves. UPS expects to deliver more than 700 million packages this holiday season, with 13 of 21 holiday shipping day to exceed 30 million packages a day.  Fedex does not expect to be quite as busy as UPS, although they still predict record deliveries of around around 325 million packages this holiday season. All told, that is around 1 billion packages traveling around the country in large semi-trucks and delivery trucks. That is a lot of packages and a lot of driving.

This time of year it seems like every where you go, you see a Fedex or UPS vehicle delivering  package. Those drivers are everywhere. You see them traveling in and around our local highways all day and into the night, often working very long hours and driving in upwards of 50-100 miles per day to drop off their hundreds of shipments. It is a tough job with long hours, lots of driving, and a lot of stress. With such a vast number of drivers on the roads this time of year, that leads to one absolute certainty: accidents.

Accidents with delivery drivers happen for a variety of reasons. It could be human error, or it could be some outside factor. Here is a list of some common causes of accidents with delivery truck during the holiday season: