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Guest and Gray, P.C. has successfully helped countless personal injury and wrongful death victims and their families recover under their uninsured/underinsured motorist policies in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth areas, including Forney, Dallas, and Rockwall counties.

Making and Uninsured/Underinsured Claim in Texas

Making an uninsured motorist claim is much like making claims against the at-fault party’s insurance, except that this is typically your own “excess” policy to help take care of medical bills and lost wages when you have already maxed out the at-fault party’s liability policy.

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GuestandGrayLogoAs a Kaufman, Rockwall and Dallas county personal injury lawyer, I know that traffic accidents happen for many different reasons. It could be inattention, unsafe driving, texting, messing with the radio and everything in between- including weather, such as rain and snow.

Anyone who has driven in Dallas on a rainy or snowy day knows that people lose all ability to properly maintain their vehicles. It’s like they’ve suddenly forgot how to drive and any manual they have is written in Greek. It is totally bizarre. The other day I literally saw someone drive into a middle barrier on the highway, for what appeared to be, no good reason at all. The person got out “okay” and no one was hurt. The person just seemed a little confused and blamed it on the wet road.

You Can Make a Claim On Another Driver Regardless of Weather Conditions

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For most people who have been injured in an accident, knowing what to do after the dust settles can be very confusing and can cause some people to procrastinate. That is the absolute worst thing to do after a car or truck accident. In Texas, you only have two years to file suit. That may seem like a long time, but trust us. IT IS NOT. Also, procrastinating on doing certain things will only draw your claims against the insurance company out further. In our office, like most offices, we have a set operating system for each of our personal injury clients here in the Forney, Rockwall and Dallas areas, with each client’s case run by an attorney and our staff in a way that best moves the case forward once we receive it. Most firms want to keep that system “proprietary”, but I am willing to share a little of the way we do things in order to help out each injured person, regardless of whether you actually hire our office to help you. Why? because every injured person deserves a fighting chance against the insurance company, not just those who hire an attorney.

So, here is a quick list of the things yo u need to do after a car or truck accident. This list begins AFTER you have received any necessary medical treatments and have begun the recovery process, if possible. This list shows some of the basic steps we take in order to begin moving your claim forward if they have not already been done. So, by doing any or all of these steps prior to hiring our firm, you will speed up the process of settling your claims against the at-fault party.


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The answer is simple, but to understand importance of the work they do, and the value they bring to their clients, you must understand a little more about the process of handling personal injury claims. It is no cake walk, even for experienced personal injury attorneys.

Notifying Insurance Companies and Establishing Communications Between the Parties

A personal injury attorney will notify the insurance providers of the claim for injuries and that the injured party is represented by counsel. This is true whether it is a motor vehicle accident, boating accident, commercial vehicle accident, or even slip-and-fall. These providers must be provided “notice” of the claims being made by the injured parties that were caused by their insured. In addition to notifying the at-fault parties insurer, the injured party will need to notify their own insurer of the possibility of any claims under their own UM/UIM in the event that the other party has no insurance or carries insufficient coverage to pay for the damages that have been suffered.

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