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Client Relationships Matter

GuestandGrayLogoMost firms do things one way: they think that cases are one size fits all and clients are all one size fits all. If a problem comes up, they deal with it the same way they deal with any other client or legal problem. That creates a lot of conflict between the firm and some clients. It creates a disconnect. It is not personal.

Well, we don’t do things that way here at Guest and Gray Law Firm. Yeah, we run into disagreements with clients on how cases should be run. The fact that we will tell you that should say volumes about our firm. What really makes the difference , and our clients will tell you,is that we seek to find common ground. We strive to be better, both in the work we perform and the relationships we build with our clients. Here at Guest and Gray, we are proud to say that our services are in high demand. We love our clients and seek to provide the highest quality legal services that money can buy.

We want to provide the absolute best legal services around and a big part of that is building a relationship with the client. That is our highest priority. Period. We strive for openness, honesty and courtesy to all of our clients. The experience a client has while we are managing a legal problem for them is just as important as the outcome of their case.

How We are Changing The Legal Profession For the Better

At Guest and Gray, we get it. You didn’t come to our office because everything was going well in your personal or professional life. We also get that you’d rather be at a dentist office than in ours. That is “okay” with us. All we want to do is help you solve your legal problems. When an issue arises with a client and an attorney attempts to explain to him what is going on, Partner, Robert Guest, always says to me “yeah, but that is your legal brain working. How would a regular person (dealing with this client’s legal issue) think about this?”

Something that sets Guest and Gray apart from the competition is that we recognize that the practice of law is very personal for the people we represent.  Partners, Scott Gray and Robert Guest emphasize on a daily and weekly basis that clients are real people with real problems and we must always be cognizant of that and re-enforce it in the way we practice. It is something they have preached from the day they started Guest and Gray Law Firm and it something that Guest and Gray strives to achieve in every client relationship.

We call it the Guest and Gray difference. We always try and tailor our relationship to each client’s preferences. Some clients want to be updated often. Others could care less if we call at all. Our job as your attorney is to meet YOUR expectations for client contact and the type of relationship that you would like to have.

So, when you speak with us, let us know. We are glad to tailor your experience here with our staff and attorneys to meet your expectations of service.


Guest and Gray Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services, including criminal defense, personal injury, family law, civil and business litigation, election law, estate planning and probate and real estate law, among others. If you have a legal problem in the Kaufman, Rockwall or Dallas county areas, call Guest and Gray today. We will be glad to speak with you. Call (972) 564-4644 to set up an in office or phone consultation today!

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