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East Texas Oil Field Injury Causes

In the East Texas Oil Fields, accidents can happen at any time and have many different causes. Most often is due to a blowout or explosion, or an accident with machinery or falling object. Oil field accidents can be very dangerous. Permanent debilitating injuries, and even death, can result from oil field accidents in Texas.

Oilfield Accidents Commonly Result From:

  • Blowouts and gushers
  • Collapsing decks
  • Gas leaks
  • Explosions
  • Falling objects
Oilfield accidents are often catastrophic in nature, resulting in serious injuries, including severe burns, multiple bone fractures and even wrongful deaths.

Third Party Liability

Ordinarily, the Texas workers’ compensation system is the exclusive recourse for workers who are injured on the job. However, there are many instances when third parties—not connected with the employer—are responsible for causing the injury.

In these situations, the workers’ compensation statute does not prevent a private lawsuit against the negligent third party.
One example of third party liability is premises liability—failure of a property owner to inspect his premises for unsafe or dangerous conditions. Oilfield workers are often injured on property that is not owned by the company for whom they are working. Property owners generally owe a duty to inspect their premises for unsafe or dangerous conditions and to either repair them or post adequate warnings about the dangers. If they fail to do so, they may be liable for injuries caused by the unsafe condition.
Defective products are another example of third party liability. It is the employer’s job to maintain tools and equipment. Some tools and equipment, however, may arrive at the job site in a defective condition because they were defectively designed or improperly manufactured at the factory.GuestandGrayPic-300x88
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