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Eminent Domain Issues in Northeast Texas

Over the last several years, residents of more rural parts of northeast Texas have been victimized by TxDot, water districts, electric companies and co-ops, and the very cities and counties in which they live, all in the name of progress and purported “necessity”.

Eminent Domain is a real threat to landowners in Texas. Every single day, somewhere in this great state, someone is receiving a letter for the first time letting them know that their property is located within a region being taken for a public use and that they should “contact ____” for more information.

For the landowner, it can be heartbreaking. For someone who has built their dream home, having to give up part or all of that property for a new highway, or transmission towers, or a pipeline, is devastating. In most cases, we have rural landowners, ranchers and farmers, who are being burdened by the advancement of the population. We need pipelines, transmission towers and roadways, but that does not make it any easier for the landowner who’s property is being taken for the “greater good”.

That is why the attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm, P.C. have committed themselves to landowners rights in all types of condemnation cases. Our first goal is to make sure that the condemning authority is taking the land for a “public use”, as required by the State and Federal Constitution. Our second goal is to make sure that the landowners are justly compensated for the taking of their land.

guestandgray-300x300Do not let the condemning authorities steal your property! If you have received a letter from a condemning authority, or received a notice of commissioners hearing, you need to contact the law firm of Guest and Gray, P.C., and speak to one of our eminent domain attorneys right away. Let us be your voice and fight for you. We take all eminent domain and condemnation cases on a contingency basis, meaning there is no cost to you unless we get you just compensation. We offer free consultations on all condemnation matters and will provide you with a free case evaluation. Don’t wait to call someone, call Guest and Gray today!

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