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Happy Fourth of July. Now Don’t Hurt Yourself…

Tomorrow is the fourth of July, and in honor of our nation’s greatest holiday and the birthday of American freedom, we would like to say “Happy Fourth! Now don’t hurt yourself”.

We’ve all done it. Who can honestly say that they haven’t lit off a bunch of black cats and thrown them at a few of our best buddies? Oh, you can’t say that? Good. You’re smart. Don’t do that because its dangerous. But a lot of us did and I am glad we survived.

Recently, Motherboard released a compilation of the craziest and dumbest fireworks accidents in honor of the fourth of July holiday. There are some crazy accidents on there. Like when a kid lit a firecracker and threw it in a sewer and then stood on the manhole cover. Apparently that kid lived to regret it. Or the time a guy from Brooklyn was smoking a cigar and holding a firecracker at the same time and blew his own finger off. This year, don’t be that guy. Don’t be that kid. Because then websites like Motherboard will write stories about you and make money on advertising. Its embarrassing. Instead, if you want to do something really cool with fireworks, be this guy who flew a drone through a fireworks show. That is awesome. Plus, no one gets hurt.


Fourth of July is always about celebrating our country history, having fun with family and friends, grilling and quoting awesome fourth of July movies, like the Sandlot and Joe Dirt. Why? Cuz America.

But please don’t forget that in the midst of all the celebration, actions have consequences. So, don’t stick that firecracker there. And don’t let your friends tell you that if you grip tight enough on the firecracker it won’t explode because it will. Just read the stories online. Also, and most importantly, if you have been drinking, do not and I REPEAT do not drive.

Lets have a safe and fun holiday and get back to work Thursday with our hands and lives intact.

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