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Increased Traffic and Increased risk of accidents: the Unintended Consequences of Forney’s Rapid Growth

Ask anyone who has lived in Forney for a while and they will tell you how much Forney has changed. It doesn’t matter if you have lived here one year, five years, or your whole life. Forney is not a little town anymore. Some places, like old downtown, still retain that small-town feel, but the modernization of Forney is well under way. Take a drive down 741, 548, Broad Street, 1641, or if you dare, highway 80, and you will see new houses, new businesses, and new faces.

Let’s face it, Forney is growing. Growth is great. It is good for local businesses and residents alike. It seems like once a week we hear about another press release from the City Council approving a new business or development coming into Forney. Just yesterday, the Forney City Council approved a waiver for Eno’s Pizza Tavern, a local restaurant chain with its original hangout spot in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. Pretty excited about that.

However, as a personal injury attorney, I have a different outlook on growth and how it impacts local residents. The first thing I think about when I hear about new business or development projects, is the impact it will have on traffic, and more specifically, the increased risk of accidents. Let’s just face it, Forney’s roads were not made for the amount of use they currently receive. If you do not believe me, try driving down FM 548 at 6:30 p.m, or 3:30 p.m, or between 7:30 and 9:00 am. Lets just say, your gas mileage will suffer if you go that way during those times of day. They just will.

Recently, there have also been several accidents at the intersection of 548 where cars have tried to enter or exit the gas station. There have been so many accidents over in the main shopping areas between people entering and exiting the restaurants and the Wal-Mart area. Over by North Forney High School, there were so many accidents that a signal had to be installed because people were trying to cross all the way over to Devonshire (which was VERY DANGEROUS).

I’m not blaming the restaurants, and shopping centers at all, or the home builders. I love them. I love Forney’s growth and I want Forney’s local leadership to keep up the good work. I’ve eaten at just about every restaurant over there in the last few months and shopped at all the stores. Build here. Shop local. The point of this article is to say that our vast, fantastic growth we are experiencing here in Forney has put a strain on our roadways and the effect of this is an increase in traffic accidents. I may be a personal injury attorney, but I don’t get excited to hear about people getting hurt. My life is spent advocating for people who are hurt in accidents, but that doesn’t mean I would be ever be happy to hear that more people are getting hurt. I have a soul.

However, if you are injured in an accident here in Forney, or anywhere locally, such as Dallas, Rockwall or any of the surrounding areas then you need to give us a call here at Guest and Gray. Even if you do not think you need an attorney, you more than likely need some advice on how to handle your claim. Personal injury claims are full of red tape, and the insurance company will draw this process out as long as they can. The more you know, the better you’ll do. It is free to call. So call. We care about our local community and we want you to have the best chances of recovery in your claim, regardless of whether you choose Guest and Gray or anyone else.

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