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Injured in an Oilfield Accident? Get the Recovery You Deserve

We don’t need to tell you that an oilfield is a dangerous place to work. There are drilling rigs, work-over and completion rigs, gas plants and compressor stations, hot oilers, oilfield trucking, roustabout and other oilfield services require the use of heavy and dangerous equipment.

On top of all that, the operations must be carried out in an environment surrounded by highly explosive and dangerous chemicals. In order to ensure a safe workplace for an oilfield worker demands constant attention to the details of safety policy and procedure. Failing to adhere to policy can set the stage for accidents resulting in catastrophic, and even fatal, injuries.

Negligence, error, and defective machinery are the most common causes of oilfield injuries. During these times of boom or bust, calls from corporate require increased production from the field in the name of profits. This can create a dangerous combination of shortcuts, employee exhaustion, and an overall failure to adhere to the set safety and procedure guidelines.  This is type of renegade work environment is how oilfield workers become injured. Its that wildcatter, can-do attitude of the workers and the corporate attitude towards profit margin that puts the oilfield worker at great risk of injury. Whether they are working offshore, or working in the Permian basin or elsewhere in this oil rich state, the general attitude remains the same: drill that oil, make that money. Oilfield workers are some of the hardest working men around. They work in dangerous conditions for long hours and often with very little sleep for days.

Holding the Oil Companies Accountable

We must do everything we can to keep our workers safe and in the field, and if these oil companies are going to put their oilfield and oil rig workers in unsafe work environments, then when those workers become injured, then someone has to hold them accountable. That is where Guest and Gray Law Firm comes in. Guest and Gray law firm is focused on all types of personal injury litigation, including oilfield accident and has developed an extensive working knowledge of all aspects of oil rig accidents, oil field accidents and their associated legal cases. We’ve handled numerous catastrophic injury and death cases, often resulting from blatantly wrongful activities leading to those accidents. Our experienced in-house team of attorneys are committed to getting you the recovery you deserve.

Fighting for Your Rights in Oil Field Accidents Cases

Oil companies have virtually unlimited resources with which to fight oil rig accident claims. They are not your friend. They may have been your employer, but now you may find that they treat you like an enemy. Guest and Gray has the experience with complex legal issues, and most importantly the will to take the fight to big oil companies in order to protect your rights.

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