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Mesquite Personal Injury Lawyers

Guest and Gray Law Firm has helped countless injured Mesquite residents receive compensation for the injuries they sustained in automobile, motorcycle and trucking accidents. We are committed to serving Mesquite and the surrounding Garland and Balch Springs area residents who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Mesquite is crisscrossed by highways and interstates, with 635 and I-30 being the most well known, but I-20 and several smaller highways cross through the city. 635 is by far the busiest as it is a thoroughfare for Mesquite and surrounding areas to Dallas and beyond. It is also the connection to highway 175 and I-20 going East. Constantly, 635 is plagued by major accidents and delays. Hundreds of thousands of people travel on 635 through Mesquite every single day. As a result, the 635 and I-30 corridors have major accidents on what seems like a daily basis.

Mesquite is also a major commercial trucking route. Mesquite is a highly commercially developed city with retail shopping, eating and other commerce throughout the entire city. This means that big 18-wheelers with tractor trailers are constantly flooding the highways and through streets to get to those areas. In addition to that, commercial vehicles use the highways to get in and out of Dallas and the surrounding areas. As a result, Mesquite has seen a major uptick in commercial traffic accidents over the last several years, thanks in large part to the cities renewal program and North Texas booming economy.

As a result, the Mesquite, Garland and Balch Springs areas have seen a major increase in the overall number of accidents, as well as the number of serious injury and fatality accidents.


According to TxDot Crash Statistics, Mesquite had 15 fatality accidents resulting in 16 deaths, and 56 serious injury accidents resulting in 69 injuries. Garland had 18 fatality accidents resulting in 19 deaths along with 117 serious accidents resulting in 148 serious injuries. Balch Springs, a much smaller suburb, had 3 fatality accidents resulting in 3 deaths and 18 serious injury accidents resulting in 19 serious injuries. When juxtaposed with the numbers from just 2015, the increase is staggering.

Mesquite, in 2015, had 13 fatality accidents resulting in 13 deaths. That year, Mesquite had 1,472 total reported accidents. In 2017, that number was 1,619. Almost 200 more accidents in just a two year span. For that same year, Garland had 11 fatality accidents resulting in 11 deaths and 93 serious injury accidents resulting in 115 serious injuries. More than 20 more serious injury accidents resulting in more than 30 more serious injuries in just a two year period. Not to mention the 57% increase in fatalities that occurred on Garland’s roadways.

Balch Springs overall accident statistics may be the most shocking of all. Balch Springs is a city of around 25,000. In 2015, there were 546 reported accidents. In 2017, that number shot up to 606. There was only 1 fatality accident in 2015, resulting in 1 death. 2017 represented a 66% increase in that category. In 2017, the number of overall accidents was up over 9% from 2015. 606 accidents in a town of 25,000 means that there is one accident for every 41 people in the city of Balch Springs. Now, we understand that a large number of the people injured in accidents in Balch Springs may not actually be from Balch Springs. 635 and I-20 are two major highways and interstates that run through Balch Springs and many of the accidents may involve people traveling on those roadways. However, that number of accidents for a town of that size puts a huge strain on its emergency response and police first responders. As that number grows, it will continue to put a larger and larger strain on emergency response teams and Balch Springs will need to ensure that they have a plan in place as this area continues to grow and more people use their roadways.


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