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Personal Injury: No Fee Until We Win

Have you been injured in an accident in Rockwall or Kaufman county? At Guest and Gray, P.C., we take all of our Rockwall and Kaufman county personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that there is no fee until we recover. We feel that this is the best possible way to ensure that all of our clients are able to receive the same great legal service regardless of ability to pay. Additionally, we know that our personal injury clients have often been severely burdened by the cost of their injuries, loss of income, or the loss of a loved one.

We also feel a deep sense of connection to our community. We want to protect the citizens of Rockwall and Kaufman county from negligent drivers and deep-pocketed insurance companies who do not have the victim’s best interests at heart.


The insurance company may be quick to assume liability for your injuries. However, where they will try to get one over on you is that they will try to settle with you for less than your claim is worth. It is very important that before you speak with a representative from the insurance company about your claim, you need to speak with your local, trusted Kaufman and Rockwall county personal injury attorneys at Guest and Gray, P.C. Our attorneys and staff are experienced in helping Kaufman and Rockwall county citizens and their families when they have been injured or killed in an accident.


Do not wait to contact the attorneys at Guest and Gray, P.C. about your injuries. We can help you through the claims process and get you the settlement that you deserve. We are a client-focused legal team and our clients needs come first. We pride ourselves in being the defenders of Kaufman County and Rockwall county residents, whether it be big cities or big insurance companies, we take them all on AND WE GET RESULTS.

It is important that you call and speak with an attorney about your claims before dealing with the insurance company. Consultations can be made daily. You can meet in person or over the phone with a licensed attorney and your consultation is free! Don’t Wait!

Call Guest and Gray, P.C. NOW! (972) 564-4644.

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