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Guest and Gray, P.C.: Civil Defense Attorneys

Guest and Gray, P.C. has helped countless individuals and businesses in the Forney, Kaufman and Rockwall area over the years. Our attorneys are trusted, local and proven. Our areas of civil practice involve personal injury, contract litigation, real estate, partnership and business disputes, and construction litigation. Our attorneys have the knowledge and practical experience to help guide you through the legal processes from start to finish, including asserting your rights at trial.

Real Estate Litigation

Kaufman and Rockwall counties are seeing unprecedented growth. New home start ups are at record highs. This means that lots of people are entering into real estate contracts. So, it is important to know the rights and duties each party to the transaction has, and what the ramifications for failing to abide by the contract are in a Texas real estate transaction.

In a typical Texas real estate transaction, legal duties arise for the parties involved, typically this is the buyer, the seller, and their agents. These duties arise from the areas of contract and tort law. When parties enter into real estate contracts, the parties are bound to act according to the terms of such contract and can be liable to the other parties if they fail to hold up to their end of the bargain.

In addition to following the terms of a real estate contract, certain individuals are required to abide by general statutory regulations including having the proper licensing and refraining from misrepresentations or fraud. If a situation arises where a party to a real estate transaction fails to abide by the terms of the agreement or some other statutory guideline, it is important to speak with an attorney in order to fully understand your rights and liabilities.

Partnership, Trustee & Fiduciary Duty Litigation

Texas law relating to partnerships and fiduciary relationships is some of the most complex to fully understand. In essence, a fiduciary duty arises between persons in certain situations, such as partners in a partnership or board membersĀ inĀ a corporation. A breach of such a duty arises when a person owing a fiduciary duty neglects or fails to act according to the standard of care and diligence required under the circumstances. The most common breach of fiduciary duty occurs when one fiduciary “self-deals”. Self-dealing is expressly prohibited in the state of Texas and has the effect of stealing profits from the other partners or beneficiaries. If a breach of this duty occurs, then the aggrieved party is given a legal cause of action to recover any damages he or she suffered as a result of the breach.

Construction Litigation

Texas construction law is another very complex area and requires an attorney when a dispute arises. There are hard and fast rules on when liens may be filed and who is ultimately responsible when an issue arises between the parties. Also, there could be numerous parties involved in the construction project. The owner, the general contractor, as well as numerous subcontractors. Because of all the different parties that may be involved in any given construction project, a dispute as to liability can become complicated. Whether it is representing contractors, subcontractors, land owners or insurance carriers, the team at Guest and Gray, P.C. has the expertise needed to make sure your construction dispute is settled quickly and fairly.

Civil Defense

Within the realm of civil litigation, there is a broad spectrum of cases that do not specifically fall into any of the above categories. Types of issues that require solid legal representation are contract disputes, personal injury defense, and other types of civil litigation. Our firm is uniquely equipped in the Forney, Rockwall and Kaufman areas to serve your legal needs when you have been sued. A lawsuit can be a very scary thing with very real consequences. No one wants to have a judgment against them. However, there are ways to limit any liability and Guest and Gray, P.C. has the knowledge and experience to guide you through any such litigation issue.

GuestandGrayLogoSo, if you have been sued and do not know where to turn, call Guest and Gray, P.C. today and let us evaluate your case and help get you out of this mess. The reality is that, if you have been sued, you need an attorney. Do not wait. You have very specific time periods you must comply with in order to present your claims and defenses against the other party. If you fail to meet those time periods a default judgment may be rendered against you for money damages. So, don’t wait! Call today! 972-564-4644

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