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 How much do trucking accident lawyers charge? What is a contingency fee?

One question that many car and truck accident victims have is how much does a car or truck accident lawyer cost? What the legal fees involved? And what is a contingency fee?

At Guest and Gray our family lawyers charge an hourly fee under a traditional trust arrangement. We bill for each hour or work by our staff, and charge that against the trust account.

Our criminal lawyers operate on mostly a flat fee basis. That is, they charge one flat fee for the case up until pre trial, and then a flat trial fee.

Our can and truck accident lawyers do not charge hourly or flat fees, instead they charge a contingent fee. A contingent fee is a % based fee, not an hourly or flat rate. Clients do not have to pay up front for legal services. Instead our firm only gets paid, if you get paid. So whatever costs or fees are involved (expert fees, medical records etc) we pay in advance. Our truck accident lawyers take the risk on your case in hopes we can get you the money you deserve.

If you have been injured in a car or truck accident call Guest and Gray today. If you are in the hospital or can’t make it to the office we may be able to come to you, or we can offer a phone consultation as well.

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