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Do I need to hire an attorney after I was in a wreck with a truck? 

One thing we are asked if you really need a lawyer after a car accident. The insurance companies have been on a relentless PR campaign to shame car accident victims into giving up their rights, including their right to aggressive representation. Despite making billions in record profits year after year insurance companies in Texas still hope you do not hire a lawyer so they can pressure you into settling on their terms. Every extra dollar profit they make by ripping off accident victims means more money for their executives and shareholders. You are an obstacle in their way to making more money, and they will stop at nothing to get you to settle for less than you deserve.

If you are hurt in a car wreck in Forney, Rockwall, Mesquite or Terrell call us before the insurance company makes you into their next victim. They have trained professional negotiators looking to give you as little as possible to go away. They will not respect your injuries, or the time you lost because their drivers was negligent. They see you as the sucker at the poker table, it’s your first game, and they play every day all day long.

At Guest and Gray we have experienced car and truck accident lawyers ready to assist you. Call today and let us fight for your lost wages, medical bills, damages, and pain and suffering.

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