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Injured by an 18 wheeler? Truck Accident Basics for Victims

Commercial trucking is a multi-billion dollar industry. We demand products on time, and the sooner the better. There is a lot of pressure on drivers to get a load done as quickly as possible, and unfortunately, not all truck drivers make safety a priority. The result is that many people are injured or killed by big commercial trucks every year. We understand the devastation these wrecks can cause. Some of our largest verdicts have been against trucking companies for the damage they caused our clients.

If you are injured by truck on 30, 20 or 80 in Rockwall, Forney, Dallas or Kaufman County we can help. We have a team of lawyers that have experience fighting the insurance companies to get the maximum settlement. We don’t collect unless you get paid. You have nothing to lose by talking to our team. We will help you financially recover from a truck accident. We are the highest rated local PI firms. We are a client focused firm, with a history of customer satisfaction. Find out why Guest and Gray is the highest rated and best reviewed car and truck accident law firm. For more information on truck accidents click the link below.

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