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Hunt County Civil Litigation

Hunt County is a mostly rural county. Everyone knows that Greenville is exploding in size, but what people do not know is that the rest of the county is getting ready to catch up. The people are great and the cities and towns bring back memories of what Texas was like growing up. But even Hunt County simply cannot escape the growth in nearby Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties. Between 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, Hunt County’s year over year growth spiked from just over 1.2% to 2.48%. Similar growth has continued in the county inĀ  2017 and early 2018 so far.

As a lawyer, what I see coming for Hunt county is increased traffic and traffic accidents and an uptick in civil litigation. Residential growth always leads to commercial growth. Both of those lead to civil litigation, such as real estate and breach of contract litigation. When most people think of hiring a lawyer, their first thought is “I need a Dallas lawyer!”

However, that is simply not the case. Hunt county has numerous attorneys who are capable handling any of your civil litigation needs. Guest and Gray, P.C. is a law firm based out of Kaufman and Rockwall counties that seeks to represent people in civil litigation matters all across East and Northeast Texas, including: Kaufman, Rockwall, Hunt, Anderson, Henderson, Hopkins, Lamar, Rains, Rusk, Smith, and Van Zandt county areas.

We love our East Texas neighbors. Our firm is the largest and highest rated firm in Kaufman and Rockwall counties, and no case is too big. We have the staff and resources to fight whatever legal battle you have.

GuestandGrayLogoWhether it be a royalty dispute, land dispute, contract dispute, personal injury or wrongful death, Guest and Gray, P.C. is your firm. We also handle all types of estate planning matters including probate, Wills and Estate planning, Will contests, Trusts, and Trust disputes. Whatever your legal issue may be, Call Guest and Gray, P.C. to handle your case. You will be glad you did. CALL TODAY! (972) 564-4644.

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