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With the many thousands of miles of highway and destination places like Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and the Big Bend region, Texas is a haven for bus companies, charters and local city bus transportation. Whether it be a city owned bus, such as a DART bus, or a privately owned charter bus going from El Paso to Longview, you are likely to see a bus on any of our city streets and major highways.

The prevalence of buses on our transit system, along with increased 18-wheeler traffic, combined with a growing population, our highways are crowded. This creates the inevitability of accidents, including bus accidents between other commercial vehicles, and the often devastating accidents between buses and passenger vehicles.

If you have been injured in an accident, you need to know who to contact for help, and what type of claims you may have against the bus driver, the bus company, the local city government, and sometimes even a products manufacturer for a defect that contributed to the accident.

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