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When James Holmes walked into the Cinemark movie theatre in July of 2012 through an exit door he propped open and shot to death 12 people and injured 70 others, there had been nothing like that sort of attack in a movie theatre in recent history. The victims and families of victims have since filed a civil suit in Pueblo County, Colorado court where trial is currently taking place in a wrongful death and premises liability suit.

According to, because nothing like this has ever happened before, Cinemark’s attorneys are asking the court whether or not Cinemark should have known that a violent crime could happen. Cinemark has taken the stance that regardless of increased security, Cinemark would have been unable to stop the attack from happening. From their point of view, nothing like this had ever happened, so increased security would not have been able to thwart it without prior knowledge the attack could or would occur.

To quote Cinemark attorney, John Roach, “A widely motivated armed to the teeth killer with enough firepower to take out a small municipality with no plans to return home to a bomb-infused apartment … he couldn’t have been deterred by a camera. A camera doesn’t deter armed robberies across the country.” (via

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