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According to Tx Dot, in 2014 there were 508 fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles, including 18 wheelers, killing 588 Texans statewide. But that only tells half the story, there 1,155 accidents that caused debilitating injuries to over 1,500 Texans statewide. There were over 3,100 confirmed injury accidents injuring over 4,600 Texans and up to over 11,000 more that are unconfirmed.

The numbers are simply staggering. Texas is a very large state, with thousands of miles of highways and roads. With Texas’ strong economy and high population, accidents between commercial vehicles and standard vehicles are bound to happen.

The trucking industry is large and powerful. Some profit-driven trucking companies place unfair demands on their drivers. Most truck drivers are only paid for moving a product from one location to another. This financial incentive for truckers encourages truckers to engage in negligent and dangerous behaviors on the road. Driver fatigue, driving at excessive speed, using dangerous drugs to stay awake at night while driving and failing to adjust their speed for adverse weather conditions, or a combination of things listed above, can become incredibly dangerous for other driver’s on the road.

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