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Kaufman County’s Trusted 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Guest and Gray prides itself in being the largest and highest rated law firm in Kaufman county. We are number one because we care about our clients and their situation. Personal injury cases are just that: personal. They happen to real people and it causes REAL problems in their lives. No accident situation can bring more drama to a family’s life than an 18-wheeler accident. These are simply the most destructive types of accidents that can occur on Kaufman county roads. Every year, Kaufman county residents and passers-through die on our local highways due to negligent truck drivers and as our roads become more congested and traveled as a result of development, the numbers will only go up.

Kaufman county is one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. Growth in cities like Forney, Terrell and Crandall will lead the way over the next few years. All three of those cities are corridors in and through Kaufman county with interstate highways and state highways leading right through them. Forney and Terrell have the highly traveled highway 80 and interstate 20 passing right through them and Crandall, as sort of the gateway to East Texas has highway 175. All three cities are gearing up for exponential growth over the next few years as pastureland is converted to shopping, retail and most of all, homes. Crandall has the Wildcat Ranch Development that plans to bring nearly 3,100 unites, which would effectively more than double the population of Crandall alone. Travel anywhere in Forney and you will see new community development and shopping and retail going in, and Terrell leads the way in commercial development. The result of this population increase will be an economic boom. Increased economic out put means an increase in commercial traffic. Commercial traffic means 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles traveling on our roadways will only increase to meet demand.

At Guest and Gray, our personal injury lawyers see this as being a potential problem for our local citizenry and those who travel our major highways to get to and from home and work. The greater the number of commercial vehicles means that our current and future citizens will be at a greater risk of being injured due to negligent commercial truck drivers as they come into our area. A semi truck, without the tractor-trailer, weighs around 80 thousand pounds, without a tractor-trailer attached. In comparison, the average passenger vehicle weighs about 5,000 pounds. When the two meet at high speeds, the results can be absolutely devastating.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a 18-Wheeler accident, you need to call the trusted, local attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm. Our knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers will act fast to preserve evidence and begin putting together the case plan to get you and your loved ones the compensation they deserve. Our goal, and number one priority, is making negligent truck drivers pay. Our attorneys and staff will work with the family to meet their needs.

When you are dealing with trucking companies and their insurers, you are dealing with major corporations with billions of dollars and professional adjusters and lawyers. These people negotiate claims on a daily basis. Their job is to limit your recovery and settle for the least amount possible. Don’t let the trucking company and their insurers push you around. Hire Guest and Gray and let us be your representatives in the boardroom. We push back and we push hard.

Consultations are free and we only get paid if you do. All 18-Wheeler Accident cases are taken on a contingency basis. So, its risk free. You only stand to lose money by not hiring an attorney. So, if you or a loved one has been injured in a 18-Wheeler Accident, you need to call Guest and Gray today. Don’t wait. Evidence needs to be secured and you need the proper representation of an experienced professional. There is a reason Guest and Gray is Kaufman county’s trusted law firm. Call us today and see the difference for yourself. Home and hospital meetings are available if you are unable to travel. Just let our friendly staff know and we will accommodate your needs.

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