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According to, this past Friday afternoon, a Borden delivery driver was acting erratically at a local gas station, which caused them to investigate. The driver fled from the gas station in the large Borden delivery truck. This led to him driving across the grass of several businesses located across the street from the local First Baptist Church. Interestingly enough, just a few years ago, an erratic driver drove through the gym, the gym’s kitchen, and several classrooms of church gym.

According to David HagEstad, a member of First Baptist Church, and a member of our friendly staff here at Guest & Gray, told us here at the office that he was doing some cleaning at the church at the time that the arrest was made. He said he heard the sirens and saw the Borden truck parked in the grass across the way and several police vehicles behind the Cotton Gin just up the road.

He said that he is just glad that everyone is safe, and the driver was caught before he really hurt somebody. He also said that he is “very glad” it wasn’t the church this time.

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