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The holiday package delivery time is in full swing for carriers like UPS and Fed EX. UPS expects this to be one of the busiest years ever for them, with an expected 750 million packages shipped over the Christmas holiday. That is a lot of boxes, people! All over the news we are hearing of the horrors of driving for these companies, with stories like this one where an Amazon delivery man actually pooped in someone’s driveway and drove off. Many other stories have come out about the carriers practices causing drivers to work long hours with no breaks and practically having to speed every where they go to make deliveries on time. As a result, we have seen a huge increase in the number of accidents involving drivers of UPS, Fed Ex, Amazon and the like over the last few years.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website, in the 24-month period prior to December 3, 2017, UPS drivers were reported to have been involved in 2,003 crashes, 689 involving injuries, including 49 deaths. Since 2012, the number of crashes has increased by 38%; the number of injures has increased by 27%; and the number of fatalities has increased by 25.6%. Those may seem like crazy high statistics, but wait until we get to FedEx. Their numbers are astronomical.

Also according the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admnistration, in the 24-month period prior to December 3, 2017, FedEx Express drivers were reported to have been involved in 1762 crashes, 575 involving injuries, including 41 deaths. Since 2012, the number of crashes has increased by 254.5%; the number of injuries has increased by 192%; and the number of fatalities has increased by 273%. 273%! That is awful.

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This time of year seeing a UPS or Fed Ex truck on the road is a common occurrence.  Driver’s delivering packages this time of year are often under a lot of pressure. In my house, those delivery men and women are called “Santa’s little helpers” because they’re the real heroes of the Christmas package delivery game, not those elves. UPS expects to deliver more than 700 million packages this holiday season, with 13 of 21 holiday shipping day to exceed 30 million packages a day.  Fedex does not expect to be quite as busy as UPS, although they still predict record deliveries of around around 325 million packages this holiday season. All told, that is around 1 billion packages traveling around the country in large semi-trucks and delivery trucks. That is a lot of packages and a lot of driving.

This time of year it seems like every where you go, you see a Fedex or UPS vehicle delivering  package. Those drivers are everywhere. You see them traveling in and around our local highways all day and into the night, often working very long hours and driving in upwards of 50-100 miles per day to drop off their hundreds of shipments. It is a tough job with long hours, lots of driving, and a lot of stress. With such a vast number of drivers on the roads this time of year, that leads to one absolute certainty: accidents.

Accidents with delivery drivers happen for a variety of reasons. It could be human error, or it could be some outside factor. Here is a list of some common causes of accidents with delivery truck during the holiday season:

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